In every creative process Carlos Izquierdo works with the idea of playing, to prove, to explore. This is natural for him. A creator of magical, poetic and minimalist music, he composes landscapes that, though apparently simple, are striking for their great emotional intensity. – Paloma Palazuelos, Arte y Letras, Diario Información.

Carlos Izquierdo is one of the best Spanish composers of the moment; although if something really stands out about him is his role as a communicator. Through his piano he tells stories, simple but poignant. – Andrea Pérez, Síneris.

The music of Carlos Izquierdo is emotional and inspiring. An album on which to believe, fantastic and poetic. – Cristina García, Algunas plantas raras.

Carlos Izquierdo released his first album, Campo Cero, in 2013. The solo piano album was heralded as instrumental, poetic and intensely emotional. While Izquierdo had previously focused on electronic, avant-garde and classical music, in Campo Cero he veered toward simplicity, allowing his piano to communicate and freely express emotion. Izquierdo successfully launched Campo Cero in both Spain and Canada, and it was in the latter where he recorded his second álbum, in 2014.

Izquierdo traveled to Canada intent on capturing and translating his feelings of a time of change and discovery, into a new album. While there, he finished composing each piece, working with Amelia Quessy, a Canadian violinist who accompanies Izquierdo’s piano on this recording. Recorded in the study of admired Canadian producer and musician James Forest, the result is Ciel de lucioles, a calm and nocturnal album, intensified by the contrast of the violin’s delicate voice against the piano’s sensitive sound. A work which brings together simplicity, humility, intuition and inner light.

During a tour of Spain, Germany and Poland to present his second album, the composer’s live performances became increasingly more versatile, ranging from the simplicity of piano played solo to a vibrant intensity of textures and sounds created with synthesisers and electronic effects.

In 2015, Carlos Izquierdo released his newest project, El Pianista Mínimo, which not only included new music in the form of an EP featuring two previously unreleased pieces of music, but also a collection of photographs published in miniature. This surprising combination together formed a conceptual work representing the expansive and magic nature of sound – an invitation to contemplation and to appreciate the beauty of both image and music.




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